drink up

You will probably see “drink water” on every weight loss tip list you see.  Each one may give a different amount to drink each day, but it’s there.  Some will have you calculate the daily amount based on your body weight, others will list a certain number of 8-ounce glasses to drink.  So which is it?  I say it doesn’t matter that much.  Because if you’re not drinking any “water” but you’re drinking soda (diet or regular), then the first small step to take is to drink more water.  You could commit to replacing one soda with a glass of water instead (or at least first).  Or if you’re sipping coffee, tea, wine or another favorite beverage, you could have some water nearby to accompany it.

If you routinely (or even just once in awhile) grab an energy drink, a bottled iced tea, or vitamin water, this week is a great time to look at the nutrition label and find out what you’re really drinking.  What’s in it?  Water should obviously be the first ingredient, but check for sugar.  Though it may not be listed, how much caffeine is in that drink?   Check out WebMD’s Energy Drinks: Hazardous to Your Health?  to learn more about how much caffeine may be in your favorite energy drink.  Reading the label BEFORE you sip can help you choose the best drink to achieve your goal.

I made drinking my water a priority as I lost weight, but lately I have lapsed.  This week, I will be focusing on tracking my water again.  I’ve tracked in different ways.  One time I used magnets on the refrigerator to count each 8 ounces I drank  Another time I filled up several water bottles each morning and my goal was to empty them before I went to sleep.  This time, I’ve pulled out one of my favorite pitchers and am using it to track.  I also picked a few mint leaves from my new herb garden and am spicing up my water.


Will you drink up this week?


A re-usable glass water bottle is a great option.

For information on the safety of drinking water, visit CDC’s website – Drinking Water Home

Water isn’t just for drinking.  The CDC has information on all uses of water: recreation, sanitation, hygiene or industrial – Healthy Water Home

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