change it up

Doing the same thing doesn’t always work.

Change can be necessary.  Change is absolutely, positively required when you start getting bored with the same routine or you’re no longer getting the results you expect.  Just because you were successful at losing weight by eating the same breakfast every day for six months, you may now find yourself getting bored and grabbing something less healthy, or worse yet, skipping breakfast all together.

Change is also necessary when it comes to your exercise.  Take a different route on your walk, go to a different exercise class, or try a completely different activity altogether.

If doing the same thing had worked for me the first time, I wouldn’t be writing Small Steps since the journey would have been simple, straightforward and over with years ago.  But I’ve continually had to change things up.  Changing how I track my exercise (and my food) is again important for my success.  I had gotten into a rut and started skipping my walks or finding excuses (sorry I mean, reasons) I couldn’t do my stretches and weights.

I’ve found something that is helping me track AND encouraging Activity Log challenge sheetme to get my activity in.  It’s a  chart I got from HMSA as part of an employee wellness program.  It’s simple.  Cross off the boxes in 10-minute increments with the intent of getting 150 minutes of activity a week.  The first goal was to get all 150 minutes in three out of five weeks.  Then I used the chart to keep me motivated to do the 150 minutes for all five weeks.  Now my own personal goal is to see if I can cross off those 10-minute boxes TWICE in one week (300 minutes).  There are many electronic tracking tools out there and I still use my Fitbit to track my steps, but I get more out of tracking on paper and making the change.  Eventually I’ll have to change my tracking again but for now this tool is helping me get active.

Download a copy of the log sheet and see if it helps you to move more.

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What do you need to change-up this week?

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