keep, let go, begin in 2016

I love the week between Christmas and New Years.  It’s a great time to dream about what I can accomplish in 2016.  But it’s also a time to look back and see what worked, what didn’t, and move forward.  I don’t set resolutions, but I do choose a motto for the new year.  I also look at what I want to KEEP, LET GO, and BEGIN in the next year.


KEEP Tracking — Okay, I did let the tracking go over the last couple of weeks, but I’m going to keep tracking my food, my treats, and my activity.


Cute parson russell terrier dog on lead on walk with his owner, isolated on white background

LET GO of excuses — There will always be more to do in re-establishing my organizing business here in Pennsylvania.  I will let go of the excuse that I’m too busy, or that I’ll just finish this or that before I go to the gym or for my walk.


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BEGIN asking — Whether it’s asking how a meal is prepared or asking for additional support on my journey, this year I’m going to ask more questions and make more requests.


What will you Keep, Let Go, and Begin this week?


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don’t let yesterday’s dreams get stuck in your closet

Your Closet BEFORE word cloud

Your closet reflects your thoughts, beliefs, hopes, dreams and opinions of yourself.  Make your closet a reminder of how great you are right now.

Do you have clothes in your closet or stored away that you’ve kept for that someday when you’re back to a size…?  Did you keep some “fat” jeans just in case you gained it back? Get rid of them.  Start living in the present. Face each day with a closet full of clothes that fit and make you feel great about you.  Get out of the past and don’t worry about the future. LIVE TODAY!

Don’t let yesterday’s dreams get stuck in your closet, reminding you of what you thought you were going to do.  Focus on the clothes you enjoy wearing now.  The clothes that feel good on, that fit when you move, that give you a spark of joy & energy when you wear them–those are the clothes you should create the space for today.  LIVE TODAY!


Are you willing to create a closet that supports you?

Organizing Ideas for today’s closet

Create a wardrobe capsule – check out:

A great tool to help you choose your wardrobe a step at a time – My Wardrobe Genius: a personal clothing management assistant


closet clearing - is this your closet - join my virtual closet clearing - image


Schedule a date and time to go through your clothes and unstick those dreams

Join me and others on Saturday August 1, 2015 at 2 pm – 4 pm Eastern (use a time zone converter to find your local time).

I’m hosting a Closet Clearing Party and I’ll be there to offer motivation, encouragement, and answers to your questions.

Commit to living TODAY!  Register and make your closet a priority.

face your morning with a smile (and a working closet)

Assuming you’re not reading this in you PJs, how did your morning start?  Did you grab the one outfit you always wear?  Did you agonize over the decision to wear these pants or those?  Did you lay on your bed and cry because nothing fits?  Did you start digging through your closet, tossing items as you went, looking for that one top you feel good in?  Or did you start in on the negative self-talk because everything is too small?

Do you walk away from your closet with a smile or a frown?  How does it affect your day and your confidence?

I’ve talked about dressing for success (put on your walking shoes, regardless of how you feel about going for the walk) and I’ve encouraged you to take a peek at what’s in your closet (get out of the past, LIVE TODAY).

wardrobe genie cover croppedI want to share a closet & wardrobe management tool this week that can help you set up for success and start off with a smile each day.  This tool works from the moment you pull it out of the package.  Yes, getting it into your closet is important, but My Wardrobe Genius changes your perspective from the moment you open it.

Here’s why I love, recommend, and use My Wardrobe Genius:

  • it focuses your decisions on you NOW, not when you lose weight – Does it fit?  Does it make me feel confident and good about myself?
  • it’s progress in small steps – guides you one piece at a time…there is no mess to clean up, no marathon sessions to deal with.
  • it’s gentle and encouraging –Discard label reads – “you have served me well.  Thank you.  It’s time for you to retire.”  Donate label  says – “I have enjoyed you, but somebody else needs you now.  Take good care of them.”
  • easy to use and works on so many levels

Your closet is a key player in your weight journey.  So why not make it support the healthier and happier you.

Susan Terkanian, owner and creator of My Wardrobe Genius, has provided me with a Dhucks’ only offer.  She loved my Stop Dieting and Start Organizing, a 6 week program to organize for weight loss, and I loved her closet tool so we joined up.  I’m adding a My Wardrobe Genius kit to the program and she’s offering my readers and clients a 15% discount.  Use promo code “DhucksCDB” when purchasing a kit (or two).  For a limited time she is also offering free shipping anywhere in the USA (yes, Hawaii too).

Check out

This review of My Wardrobe Genius (previously known as My Wardrobe Genie)

PS if you’re looking at the information page of My Wardrobe Genius, click on the shopping cart in the upper right hand corner to go to the product store page.  Or click here to go directly to the MWG store.

What will you do this week to make your closet support your success?


Leave a comment and share how you are balancing, prioritizing, or multitasking. 

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