don’t let yesterday’s dreams get stuck in your closet

Your Closet BEFORE word cloud

Your closet reflects your thoughts, beliefs, hopes, dreams and opinions of yourself.  Make your closet a reminder of how great you are right now.

Do you have clothes in your closet or stored away that you’ve kept for that someday when you’re back to a size…?  Did you keep some “fat” jeans just in case you gained it back? Get rid of them.  Start living in the present. Face each day with a closet full of clothes that fit and make you feel great about you.  Get out of the past and don’t worry about the future. LIVE TODAY!

Don’t let yesterday’s dreams get stuck in your closet, reminding you of what you thought you were going to do.  Focus on the clothes you enjoy wearing now.  The clothes that feel good on, that fit when you move, that give you a spark of joy & energy when you wear them–those are the clothes you should create the space for today.  LIVE TODAY!


Are you willing to create a closet that supports you?

Organizing Ideas for today’s closet

Create a wardrobe capsule – check out:

A great tool to help you choose your wardrobe a step at a time – My Wardrobe Genius: a personal clothing management assistant


closet clearing - is this your closet - join my virtual closet clearing - image


Schedule a date and time to go through your clothes and unstick those dreams

Join me and others on Saturday August 1, 2015 at 2 pm – 4 pm Eastern (use a time zone converter to find your local time).

I’m hosting a Closet Clearing Party and I’ll be there to offer motivation, encouragement, and answers to your questions.

Commit to living TODAY!  Register and make your closet a priority.


There never seems enough time to do all the things you want to do and all the things you feel you need to do.  Simplifying routine tasks and one-off projects can free up time for yourself.  Making things simpler can also improve your chances of doing them and maintaining your progress.

To simplify means to make things easier, to decrease the steps involved or limit the decisions to make.

Here are some things you could simplify this week:

  • Restaurant choices:  Pick three restaurants that have on-plan food options.  When you’re asked out for lunch or dinner, you have your suggestions ready.
  • Tracking:  If you’re tracking consistently – keep going.  However, if you’ve stopped tracking consider something simpler.  Take a photo on your smartphone, jot your food choices in a small notebook, or mark it on a white board you’ve put on the refrigerator.  Don’t worry about numbers, just track choices.
  • Your expectations:  What is success?  What is good enough?  How much do you really have to do?  Is success losing those 5 (or 50) pounds?  Or is success walking up the stairs without getting out of breath?

Take a look at one of your daily routines (weight loss related or not) and identify how you could make it simpler and easier to accomplish.

What will you simplify this week?

Check It Out

If you have Weight Watchers® eTools there are videos available to help you estimate the PointsPlus Values for restaurant meals.  Here’s The Untrackables Go Out for Mexican

Huffington Post has a great slide show of 11 Oversized Restaurant Meals in their article Restaurant Portion Size:  Nearly All Entrees Exceed Nutrition Recommendations.  The article is good but scroll down to the slide show.  You may not have the restaurant in your town but it’s still a good reference.  Check out the salad.


Leave a comment and share how you are balancing, prioritizing, or multitasking. 

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What can you reduce this week?  Here are three possibilities that I’m considering.

  • Reduce screen time:  I’ve been checking my email while eating breakfast lately, so I could enjoy my breakfast and my view from the dining room instead.
  • Reduce my wheat intake:  I’ve been reaching for the quick fix breakfast which usually ends up being a bagel or muffin which just sets me up to eat more throughout the day.  I could plan my breakfasts as well as my dinners.
  • Reduce stress:  I’ve asked (and am receiving) the help I need for moving; I’ve begun (and will need to continue) to say ‘no’ to new responsibilities; and I’ve dhucked my responsibilities. I could take time to enjoy the ocean, a movie, or friends and I haven’t been doing enough of it lately.
What will you reduce this week?

Check It Out

Reducing the amount of stuff in your home can also help your weight loss journey.  Here are some East Hawaii resources that can help you find a home for the items you let go.


Leave a comment and share how you are balancing, prioritizing, or multitasking. 

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face your morning with a smile (and a working closet)

Assuming you’re not reading this in you PJs, how did your morning start?  Did you grab the one outfit you always wear?  Did you agonize over the decision to wear these pants or those?  Did you lay on your bed and cry because nothing fits?  Did you start digging through your closet, tossing items as you went, looking for that one top you feel good in?  Or did you start in on the negative self-talk because everything is too small?

Do you walk away from your closet with a smile or a frown?  How does it affect your day and your confidence?

I’ve talked about dressing for success (put on your walking shoes, regardless of how you feel about going for the walk) and I’ve encouraged you to take a peek at what’s in your closet (get out of the past, LIVE TODAY).

wardrobe genie cover croppedI want to share a closet & wardrobe management tool this week that can help you set up for success and start off with a smile each day.  This tool works from the moment you pull it out of the package.  Yes, getting it into your closet is important, but My Wardrobe Genius changes your perspective from the moment you open it.

Here’s why I love, recommend, and use My Wardrobe Genius:

  • it focuses your decisions on you NOW, not when you lose weight – Does it fit?  Does it make me feel confident and good about myself?
  • it’s progress in small steps – guides you one piece at a time…there is no mess to clean up, no marathon sessions to deal with.
  • it’s gentle and encouraging –Discard label reads – “you have served me well.  Thank you.  It’s time for you to retire.”  Donate label  says – “I have enjoyed you, but somebody else needs you now.  Take good care of them.”
  • easy to use and works on so many levels

Your closet is a key player in your weight journey.  So why not make it support the healthier and happier you.

Susan Terkanian, owner and creator of My Wardrobe Genius, has provided me with a Dhucks’ only offer.  She loved my Stop Dieting and Start Organizing, a 6 week program to organize for weight loss, and I loved her closet tool so we joined up.  I’m adding a My Wardrobe Genius kit to the program and she’s offering my readers and clients a 15% discount.  Use promo code “DhucksCDB” when purchasing a kit (or two).  For a limited time she is also offering free shipping anywhere in the USA (yes, Hawaii too).

Check out

This review of My Wardrobe Genius (previously known as My Wardrobe Genie)

PS if you’re looking at the information page of My Wardrobe Genius, click on the shopping cart in the upper right hand corner to go to the product store page.  Or click here to go directly to the MWG store.

What will you do this week to make your closet support your success?


Leave a comment and share how you are balancing, prioritizing, or multitasking. 

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think outside the produce box

Take your fruit and veggies out of the produce drawers and put them at eye level.

I’ve been stocking my own refrigerator for 20-plus years now and I had one of those EUREKA! moments awhile back.  I was again faced with the fact that the fruit in my fruit drawer and the vegetables in my veggie drawer were going bad because it was out of sight out of mind.  I’m always trying to come up with ways that I can increase my fruit consumption, because as you may have gathered by now, eating my fruit is a challenge.

Then it hit me; I’ve been putting my fruit in the fruit drawer my whole life because someone else told me to (and the cute little picture of grapes on the front).  But not any more–I’m switching  my refrigerator around.  The fruits and vegetables are going in see-through containers on the shelf at eye level.  The bread and lunch meats are going in one drawer.  Believe me, I will never forget where the bread is.  The other drawer will be used to create a snack drawer.

Yes, the reason for the drawers are to control humidity, but for me “out of sight, out of mind” is a bigger issue than anything else.  So the fruits and veggies are now out and visible.

PS — if you’ve already thought outside the produce box, why didn’t you tell me that 20 years ago?  I might have been eating my fruits all this time.

Will you rearrange your refrigerator to make it easier to eat healthier?

Change is easier with support.  Call me if you want change.

Check It Out

I recommend clear baskets to organize your refrigerator to ensure you see what you have and to make it easier to maintain order.

 I prefer the bins and containers from Interdesign.  I’ve found them at my local Ace Hardware or Amazon.




What do you keep at eye level or out & visible?  Leave a comment and share your tips.

it’s stress not hunger

There I was, standing with the refrigerator door open, searching.  Stress or Hunger -eat or build a better coping habitMy eyes passed over the apples, as if they didn’t exist.  I was searching for answers, for relief, and for peace.  I couldn’t  find anything in the refrigerator that would help.  My mind went to the pantry, wondering if I had the ingredients for brownies or cookies.

It has been quite awhile since I turned to a batch of chocolate chip cookies as a solution to my stress and discontent.  It’s been more than nine years since I whipped up a batch of sweets to quite my distress and here I was thinking, “did I want to jump in the car and go shopping or should I call my sister to bring home the goods?”

bigstock-Detail-Of-Overweight-Woman-13897697 (1)I knew what was going on.  I understood that my mind was turning to old (and ineffective) copping strategies.  I also knew that my general crankiness was adding to my suffering.  I was fully aware that eating a batch of brownies was not going to solve the problem, but it was an old routine that never quite went away.

The good news is that I choose to put a heaping spoonful of cocoa in my coffee and go curl up on the couch and watch TV.  Okay, okay, I know.  The best solution would have been to either take my mocha java outside and let nature soothe my soul or better yet, forget the coffee and take a walk.  But hey, I at least chose a better solution than eating my feelings.

There are three things that reinforced my healthier stress relieving choice:

Environment was free from the foods (and ingredients) that I have used as an emotional crutch before or have a hard time limiting.

Support was provided by my sister because she chose not to bring home ice cream.  She was having a similar day and was thinking about a couple of quarts of our favorite ice cream.  She decided against it because we were both working on our weight and our health.  Thanks, Anne!!!

It's a journey, celebrate your successes and accept that your doing the best you can in the momentAcceptance that this is a journey; that a decision today does not mean the entire goal is derailed; that even if I’ve gained weight back, the fact remains that I have made some major changes that have stuck (such as not making a batch of brownies); and that I’m doing the best I can.  Though it may not be the best I’m capable of on other days, today… today, I did the best I could in the moment.


What can you do this week to:

Make your environment healthier?

Your support system stronger?

Your acceptance deeper?


Check It Out

Step #1 from Organize for Weight Loss … …place your portion control tools where you’ll use them.

Six Tips to Design the Ideal Bedroom for Sleep from the National Sleep Foundation


Share your journey.  Tell me about your environment, support and acceptance – leave a comment.

overweight or just under stimulated

If you are still struggling with snacking (or not aware of all the snacking you really do) it’s probably not something you can control with willpower alone.  Your brain may be under stimulated.  You may not be aware of being bored, but your brain may be trying to get the juices flowing and eating is a way to do it.  It’s just not helpful or supportive of your health goals.

Here is one situation where I find myself snacking and multiple solutions I will be trying (and you can too).

Snacking while working on the computer – sometimes the words fly and it’s easy to focus.  But sometimes I’m trying to figure out what to say or wondering where to start and I reach for something to eat or drink.  Multiple strategies that may be just what I need to keep the stimulation high without added calories:

  • chew gum
  • suck on hard candy, particularly mint, cinnamon, or citrus flavors.
  • drink tea, again mint or other flavors
  • use energizing & focusing scents, such as peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, rosemary
  • engage the body while sitting with a yoga ball or an exercise disc such as…

Balance Cushion – 14″ Diameter by Isokinetics Inc. from Amazon



These strategies can be used also when you’re doing paperwork or anytime you have a tendency to snack.  Try one out and let me know how it works for you.

These ideas for preventing or limiting snacking are fidget strategies used for increasing focus and concentration in individuals with Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  Find additional links below for more information on ADHD.  There is evidence showing that individuals that are overweight are similarly challenged with planning, motivation, and self-control.  So let’s use what works in other areas and apply it to our own challenges.

How will you stimulate your mind & body in order to limit your snacking?

Check It Out

Aromatherapy for Concentration

After Three Months of Using a Standing Desk… realistic view of standing desks and links to other resources

Make Yourself a Standing Desk This Weekend

Attention Deficit Disorder Association (

Children & Adults with ADHD (

My Organize for Weight Loss teleclass was developed based on the concept that the same challenges that individuals who are chronically disorganized face may be the same for those chronically overweight.

Share what stimulating strategy works for you.

find motivation 2, plot your path

Last week, I suggested that you might find motivation by training for an event.  If an event isn’t your cup of tea, or a certain event interests you but you can’t make it, train for the course instead.
park near Butler PA SLParker
The Marilla Trail half marathon race in Pennsylvania interests me, but since I don’t want to run it and I’m not sure I’ll be there in mid-October, I thought I might include hiking the course in our fall vacation.

For some people, the energy and excitement of an event is what gets them motivated.  I like an event because there’s a set date to cross the finish line.  Others may focus on the experience of walking a certain route or trail.

I will be using 5K events as part of my training (deadlines and finish lines) and then enjoy the experience of hiking a half-marathon trail in the fall.

What path will you take?

Check It Out

Find a trail that interests you:

  • The US National Trails System
  • New Zealand Trails (yes, it’s on my list of places to visit)

Let me know your favorite trail(s) or swims or bike paths.

This isn’t a trail or a hike, but maybe your life journey has included frustration around getting organized.  Your path may be cluttered with paper, plans, mixed-up priorities.  If so, check out my blog entitled Why can’t I get organized?, which may give you some insight to why it’s been hard for you to get organized, stay organized and be organized.

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stocking the veggies

Last week you cleared out the condiments in your refrigerator and checked to see what you’re pouring, scooping or drizzling. If you missed it, check it out here.

green and red healthy foodI’m still focusing on the refrigerator (and freezer and pantry), but this week it’s all about the veggies. I’m making sure that my kitchen is stocked with options to add and healthier choices to make.

First, I’ll put a couple of bags of frozen vegetables on the grocery list. They’re a great option for adding a serving of veggies at short notice. I usually go for a bag of broccoli, a bag of mixed vegetables, and either peas or green beans. I also like having a bag of chopped spinach ready for my favorite breakfast option – frittata.

Second, I’ll check to make sure that my pantry is stocked with my go-to canned vegetables – green beans, corn, diced or stewed tomatoes (keeping the salt to a minimum, of course). I’m also going to add some beets (not pickled as those have added sugar) because I like them as a snack. I’m also going to look to see what else I can stock my shelves with. So “canned ???” goes on the list too.

Finally, I’ll see what’s freshest and local grown and add those veggies to my meal plan this week. I don’t know what I’ll find but I’m up for the adventure this week.

And yes, my goal is to get my 5 servings of fruits and vegetables in but I’m also planning on ensuring that I have some easy options available to add just one more serving this week. A serving is usually 1/2 cup, but I’ve made a list of some veggies that aren’t easily measured that way. Check them out here.

 What veggies will you stock this week?

Check It Out

Organize for Weight Loss – 3 areas you can organize to support your weight loss goal.


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organize for weight loss

This week I’m sharing the recording and handout from the Organize for Weight Loss teleclass I gave on Thursday.  Some of the strategies may be familiar to you as I’ve written about them here in Small Steps.  Other ideas may be good reminders and still others may suggest whole new options for you.  Enjoy the teleclass, it’s about 50 minutes.  The handout has even more ideas and strategies, so make sure to download it.


Download the Organize for Weight Loss HANDOUTS  – please provide your name and email below to get the link. [email-download download_id=”1506″ contact_form_id=”1766″]

Additional resources and program offers:

My Kindle books are only $0.99 to download from Amazon:

 31 Small Steps to Organize for Weight Loss

31 Small Steps to Organize Your Life

Also available in paperback for $4.99 from Amazon:

31 Small Steps to Organize for Weight Loss

31 Small Steps to Organize Your Life

Interested in support and focus?  Try my Stop Dieting and Start Organizing: 6 Weeks to Organize for Weight Loss (and Health).  Click Here for more details.

What organizing idea will you use to help your weight loss this week?

Check It Out

My partner on the calls this month was Amy Tokos of Freshly Organized.  She presented organizing strategies for the family.  If you would like to listen to her teleclass or take a look at her handouts, go to


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