My Weight Journey


It’s been a journey, a lifelong journey.  I’ve lost weight three times before.  I thought this last time that I had finally learned how to maintain that weight loss. I was able to maintain my healthy goal weight for five years and I thought I had it.  But since life is always changing and maintenance requires its own skills and strategies, I gained back 20 pounds. I’ve been struggling with choices, strategies and motivation for the past year.  But I keep reminding myself that it’s a journey.  I am determined to keep going, to never give up on myself and I know it’s not a one-time fix.  And as with all great journeys, you learn as you go.

I take these small steps with you because I also need to build and maintain the habits and behaviors that support me in my journey.  Thanks for joining me each week.  Have fun and enjoy your life!

Here’s what 242 pounds can look like.

Me at 242# in April 2005The BEFORE picture is of me in April 2005 in a 2XL t-shirt at 242#.
BEFORE at 242+ pounds


Me at 152# and 90# of dog food in December 2006The AFTER picture is of me in December 2006 in a Medium t-shirt at 152# with the missing 90# represented by dog food.  When I tried to carry both bags into the house at the same time, I realized why my back and my hips used to hurt.  90# is a lot to carry.
AFTER at 152 pounds