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Health & Wellness is more than just eating the right foods and moving for the right number of minutes.  Wellness is about finding balance, ensuring self-care and establishing a firm foundation.  It’s also about enjoying the life you have and living it to believe organizing for weight loss turns dreams into realitythe fullest.  It’s about taking the small steps to change your habits, your environment, your thoughts, your choices.  It’s about creating your life on purpose.  You Can! take those small steps to achieve health and wellness and I can support and encourage you with lifestyle coaching and organizing for weight loss.

Here’s how I turn dreams and desires into reality by organizing weight loss:

Shawndra Holmberg turns dreams and desires into reality by organizing for weight loss

ORGANIZING SERVICES:  focus on your key spaces (kitchen, closet, exercise area, and bedroom – yes, sleep is important) as well as your schedule and habits.

We can connect virtually (through Skype, FaceTime, phone, and even text or email).

I can come to your home in Butler County, PA and work with you in-person.

Want more information about organizing for weight loss (and health)?  Want to try Virtual Organizing to see if it’s right for you?

Complete the form below and I’ll schedule a complimentary organizing session to try out.  We can begin immediately with organizing your weight loss.

COACHING SERVICES:  changing your habits, your thoughts and your choices is easier when you have support, encouragement, and accountability.  Coaching is offered over the phone, Skype, or FaceTime.  I’ve been known to meet a client for a walk in the park (Butler, PA only).

SPEAKING SERVICES:  check out the specific topics on health & wellness or organizing that Shawndra would love to share with your organization.  Or suggest another topic.


Please complete the form below and we’ll schedule your complimentary session:

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If you are willing to try one more time…

If you are willing to begin to make yourself a priority…

If you are willing to commit time to creating your life on purpose…

If you are willing to turn your dreams and desires into reality…

…then ask me for a complimentary session to see if lifestyle coaching or organizing is right for you.  Complete the form above.

What Is Coaching: Coaching is a process where you clarify your desires & intentions; you  stretch & expand your comfort zone; you commit to an action of your choosing; and you find your answers, your goals, your strengths and your power from within you.  As your coach I will listen and hear what you say and don’t say; I will support you in making the changes that you want to make, I will acknowledge your challenges without judgement; and I will always remind you of what you have achieved.

Where do I coach?  I normally hold my coaching sessions over the phone so that you can be where you want to be.  You can be sitting comfortably in your home or office, or at the park taking a break from your busy day.  I can also meet clients in the park for a ‘walk-n-talk’ (Butler County, PA only)

How much is coaching?  See Fees & Packages for details.  We can talk weekly, twice a month, or monthly.

What others are saying about Small Steps Coaching

Talking to [Shawndra] about it helped so much.  She gave me ideas to help me so I can see how important it is to make myself a priority and ways of showing me how much I really do.  As women we tend to look at things and feel like it needs to be done now.  So she encouraged me to set finish dates.  This made it realistic for me to accomplish my to-do list and to also get my family involved in my tasks.  It gave me a sense of control over things that seemed impossible.

Hilo, Hawaii