Stop Dieting and Start Organizing

6 Weeks to Organize for Weight Loss (and Health)

So, you’re ready to lose weight (and make healthy changes)

Is your kitchen ready?
Is your closet ready?
Is your schedule ready?

When you’re ready to move forward in making healthier choices and losing weight, there are more things to think of and prepare for than just what food goes in your mouth.

  • You can make better choices when your kitchen is clear of tempting foods and less-than-healthy choices.
  • You can make healthier choices when the foods you want to choose are easy to reach.
  • You can make healthier choices when your kitchen tools (scale and measuring cups/spoons) are readily available.
  • You can choose to exercise when your equipment is ready to use at a moment’s notice.
  • You can feel confident and energized when your clothes fit and your closet reflects your goals.
  • You can make exercise and other healthier activities a priority when you clear the clutter from your schedule.
  • You can fit “it’s better than nothing” choices into your day.

That’s a lot to think about and accomplish.  Remember, you don’t have to do it alone and I have just the program that can help you organize your kitchen, your closet and your schedule for weight loss (and health).  Stop dieting and start organizing for weight loss (and health).  Create your life on purpose and turn your dreams and desires into reality.


Stop Dieting and Start Organizing:  6 Weeks to Organize for Weight Loss (and Health).

Weekly Topics:Interior design of modern kitchen

Week 1 – CLARIFY goals and DEFINE success


Week 3 – EXERCISE & Your SCHEDULEbigstock-Dumbbells-with-towel-isolated--42960595

Week 4 – CLOSET

Week 5 – SLEEP & SELF-CAREbigstock-Neatly-Organized-Womens-Closet-2929835

Week 6 – WHAT’S NEXT?


Workbook (electronic format)

Stop Dieting and Start Organizing:  6 Weeks to Organize for Weight Loss (and Health) walks you through each week’s topic with questions to consider.  You’ll gain insight into your challenges, strengths, choices, habits, and thoughts. You will receive one chapter of the workbook each week.  This gives you time to focus and build on each topic.

Cost:  $65

Coaching (phone, Skype, or FaceTime)

Weekly coaching sessions over the phone (also via Skype, FaceTime, or video call ) focusing on each week’s topic.  You’ll get the encouragement, support, and accountability you need to change your habits and your thoughts to make better choices.

Cost:  $330

Coaching and Workbook

The full 6 week program includes weekly focus topics, supporting resources, and the weekly coaching sessions to encourage you and help you build the changes into a lifestyle.

Cost:  $335

Purchase your workbook or register for the Stop Dieting and Start Organizing: 6 Weeks to Organize for Weight Loss (and Health) package of your choice by contacting Shawndra at or calling 724.453.4557.

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