you know you should, but you don’t

Are you struggling to do something about your weight or your health you know you should, But you just can’t seem to stick to it longer than the one day?  You’re not alone.  Here are some things you can do:

Turn the should into want toChange the words you use.  It can make a difference in your willingness to take the action.  Instead of sayingI should go for a long walk every day,” say “I want to go for a long walk every day.”

Prevent all-or-nothing thinking –
Add flexibility to your goal.  In addition to “I want to go for a long walk every day” tack on “or as often and for as long as I can.”

Get specific – Include the where, when and who.  “I want to go for a three-mile walk every morning before 8” or “I will walk at 4:30 pm on Tuesdays with Janet and we’ll meet at the park.”

two women walking


What will you change or add this week?


Stop living life for what’s around the corner & start enjoying the walk down the street. 

Grant L. Miller

stronger shoulders

Exercise.  It’s not just about walking, swimming, running, or skipping rope.  We also need to strengthen our muscles.

This week I’m focusing on strengthening my shoulders.  I need stronger shoulders to lift, to reach, to carry, and to hug.  Stronger shoulders also include more flexibility.

It’s not going to take me hours to get these exercises in.  My goal is to get them in while I’m waiting for my coffee to brew.  Okay, so that means I can’t crawl back into bed for 15 more minutes, but it does mean that I’ve checked off a priority task for my day.  I won’t do shoulder stretches every day.  I’ll do them twice a week – Sundays & Wednesdays maybe.  Later, I can add more muscle groups to the other days in my week.  For now, it’s shoulders.

My shoulder routine:

Warm up

Strengthening bigstock-Dumbbells-with-towel-isolated--42960595


Initially, I won’t remember these 7 exercises so I’m writing them on an index card and putting it in front of my coffee machine the night before.  Press the button to start the coffee, grab the card, and start strengthening my shoulders.

Will you build your hugging muscles this week?

Check It Out

National Center of Health, Physical Activity, and Disability – Strengthening Exercises – this is a great resource for anyone.

Want one basic exercise for each of the seven muscle groups that you need to exercise?  Check out the videos from the CDC for Muscle Strengthening at Home and at the Gym.

Another exercise routine from the CDC which includes a warmup, three stages, a cooldown and more.

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