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right tribe — the eighth Power 9®

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Surround yourself with people who support positive behaviors.



Make connections with others. Don’t go it alone. I’m not just talking about losing weight, I’m talking about life. Make the effort to surround yourself with others who will laugh with you, cry with you, and make the healthier choices with you.

You can…green and red healthy food

Build the right tribe – one reader shared how her work group hosted a salad buffet at an all day meeting; inviting everyone to bring one salad topping to share. This was in place of the usual boxed lunches and snacks. Turns out, not only was it a healthier lunch, but people spent more time talking and connecting with each other.

Find the right tribe – there are a lot of online groups that enjoy the same interests or experience the same challenges that you have; you could join one of them. Make sure you aren’t just lurking at what others post. Share your own comments and make the connection to your new tribe.

I’ll admit though, I prefer live and in-person groups the most, which is why I will always belong to a Toastmasters club. Why do I feel Toastmasters (an amazing group focused on developing better interpersonal communication and leadership) is the right tribe to support positive behaviors? Because at Toastmasters we always cheer each other on. We support each other in growing, stretching, and expanding. I’ve seen the self-confidence that shines through after a fellow Toastmaster pushes his or her comfort zone out an inch or two.

If Toastmasters isn’t an interest, what about checking out groups focused on gardening, sewing, racing, running, photography, advancing the status of women (Zonta), or anything else you might enjoy doing.

Remember the goal is not just to live longer, it’s also to live happier, and being connected to the right tribe can make both of those more likely.

Listen to the “founder” of Blue Zone on TEDx talk about how to live to be 100+


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Nice overview of the Power 9®






How will you get connected this week?


Organizing Tips for getting connected

Cut back on your screen time (television, computer, phone, tablet, and more) and you’re more likely to increase your face time.

Look in your address book and schedule some time with a friend who lifts you up and encourages the healthier choices (more laughter, more movement, more enjoyment of the moment, and more down time).  Make it a routine event now rather than waiting for life to slow down later.  Later rarely comes.

PWP colored three benefits infoSpeaking of building a social community to support positive behavior — that’s exactly what these paperwork parties are:  a group of individuals spending time together and supporting the positive behavior of getting our paperwork done instead of leaving it hanging over our heads.

You could also ask a friend over to do paperwork together, but it that’s not an option (or wouldn’t be productive) join my Paperwork Party.

Find out when the next Paperwork Party is and register at

wine @ five

wine @ five  — the fourth Power 9®

enjoy a glass of wine with friends


Enjoy a glass of wine
each day
with good friends.

I was very excited to see this on the list.  Yes, I like my wine and didn’t want to give it up.  But this was a good reminder to stop ‘doing’ at the end of the day and relax with friends and family.
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Too many of us are either working late at the office, bringing work home, or starting the second shift of taking care of the family and home.  We need to stop, smell the bouquet, and take time to enjoy the people in our lives.  We need to be instead of do.

Now that I have made the move to Pennsylvania, I will be building new routines. Two of them will be enjoying time with new friends each week and ensuring some relaxing time with my husband each day.


What will your Wine @ Five  look like?

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reduce * simplify * experience * live!


Eat better, become more active, connect with one another, and find a greater sense of purpose.  Those are the four things that help us live longer.

For the past several weeks, I’ve been trying to live “people over projects”.  I have a tendency to take on projects which leaves me less time to connect with the people in my life or to build new connections.

How will connecting help me on my weight journey?

Sure I might go out for coffee or lunch with a friend but I’m just as likely to go for a walk.  Besides, going out for lunch doesn’t have to add pounds.  Plan ahead and order first.

In my article life is a team sport I wrote how your team can cheer you on and keep you going.  After some time chatting with an old friend or making a new friend, I come away with new ideas, new perspectives and a renewed desire to keep going.  All my team members inspire and motivate me, no negativity here.

I’m an introvert by nature but everything I do or want to do is about connecting with others so I’ve had to learn how to manage the stress that comes with stepping outside of my comfort zone.  I still spend (and enjoy) time by myself (and with the dogs and cats) but I’ve also learned how to tolerate the feeling of being uncomfortable (or afraid) without eating to make it go away.  It’s taken me years (many, many years) and I’m glad I’ve been patient with myself.

Nurturing the connections you have and building new, supportive connections can help you on your journey to health and a long, active life.

Who will you connect with this week?

write a comment,  say “hi”, ask a question or share an idea. 

It counts as a connection.

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Drug take back 2014If you have expired prescription medication to toss, save the date – April 26.  It’s National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day and there’s probably a drop off location in your area.  I know there’s one in Hilo, so check here for a location near you.

celebrating with food

This whole don’t celebrate with food and find some other way to celebrate isn’t completely working for me.  Sure, I agree wholeheartedly that a ‘girls night out’ doesn’t have to be about drinks or coffee & dessert, and celebrating that promotion or raise doesn’t have to be about a fancy dinner.  There are other ways to enjoy time with friends or applaud your hard work.

We have thousands of years behind us that have established that events are marked and celebrated with a feast, so I understand that celebrating with food is often the first thing we think of.  I still think of “special” foods that I can bring to mark an occasion or soften the pain.  But here’s the thing: celebrating a birthday does not mean eating for a birthWEEK or eating all your favorite foods.  If you want to celebrate your birth for the whole week, I’m all for that, but here’s where celebrating in a non-food way really needs to come in.

Try different ways of spending time with friends and family other than over a fork and plate.  Some of the best memories I have of getting together with people weren’t over food or a cup of coffee.

  • I met friends at the Denver Art Museum and we spent hours talking and laughing about our perception of the artwork.
  • I spent time with my sister painting wooden thimbles to string a Christmas garland.  We have the garland and the memories.

I still plan to celebrate with food but here are a few other things I’ll be doing also:

  • When I do go out with friends, I won’t use it as an excuse to choose the highest calorie menu item or go wild.
  • For Halloween, I might check out a local pumpkin patch or haunted house and skip the candy.  If you don’t know how many PPV that “fun size” candy is, check this out.
  • For Thanksgiving, we’re going to enjoy turkey sandwiches at the beach with one slice of pie not three.
  • I’ll spend time with my sister creating more garlands and making more memories.
  • I’ll start thinking of what I want to DO for my birthday instead of what I want to eat for my birthday.
What non-food memories will you make this week?

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