revisit & revise

collection of forks with vegetables and fruitLast week I talked about putting your fork down, which then led me to revisit the concept of not putting food in my mouth when I have food in my mouth (if there’s food in your mouth).  Sometimes we’ve made changes and found strategies that worked, but over time, we may have drifted away from using them.  It’s now time to go back and revisit one strategy, change or idea that worked for you.  Put it back in play this week.

In addition to focusing on putting my fork down and finishing my food one mouthful at a time, I’m looking at my habits around what and when I drink.  In the morning, I drink coffee, and that’s not going to change (at least this week), but I do want to revise what I reach for in the late afternoon.  As the days transition into summer, it’s time to make water more exciting than my other options.  I could drink more water by:

  • Adding mint leaveswater with mint, cucumber, and lime
  • Adding fresh or frozen berries, cherries, or other favorite fruit
  • Choosing mineral water with a slice of orange
  • Adding cucumbers
  • Making flavored ice cubes from fruit juice (I miss my lemon tree!).


What change or strategy will your revisit?
What habit or behavior could you revise?


Organizing Ideas for choosing water

Pull out your favorite pitcher and fill it up in the morning.  Either place it front and center in the refrigerator (blocking your previous beverage choices) or put it on the counter with your best water glass.

Prep the mint, cucumber, or fruit ahead of time so that’s it’s easy to add.

Challenge family and friends to find refreshing and tasty zero-calorie ways to liven up your summer beverage.

Track the amount of water you get each day or gain awareness of what’s in your other options — drink up.

eat more…fruit

The headline caught my eye  — What you should be eating between meals — and, of course, I just had to read it.  I wanted to know more about snacking between meals.  I’m a volume eater, after all.

I already knew the secret (and I’m sure you do as well).  Fruit!  Eating fruit before a meal decreases the amount of calories we eat at the next meal.

IMG_1765So, once again, I turned my focus toward making sure I got more fruit.  It was time to plan and prepare more fruit snacks that were easy to grab (bananas, applesauce cups and canned fruit in fruit juice).  I added one snack to my repertoire — cottage cheese and crushed pineapple.  It gives me the sweet taste I crave and, as my afternoon snack, it’s a great addition of protein to prevent my 3 o’clock munchies.


I also thought I’d check back and see what other fruity ideas I’d written about.

There was the…

  • eat a rainbow instead of just counting servings.  Bring color into your day.


What will you eat between meals this week?


Check It Out

If you have Netflix, check out Good Eats: Live and Let Diet (episode 10). Alton Brown explains how eating from the four basic food groups helped him lose 50 pounds without going on a diet.  For those of you (like me) who don’t watch the Food Network, Alton Brown is the commentator on Iron Chef and a celebrity chef.


Leave a comment and share what you’ll eat between meals this week. 

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