eyes still bigger than your stomach?

Small Steps grilling potatoes of a reasonable size - DhucksWe got our new grill!!!

Grilling is a great way for Steve and I to make healthier choices and simplify summer eating. We (all right, it’s usually Steve) throws lots of veggies on the grill (sometimes even fruit). Enough vegetables to add to a slow cooker dish or as a flavorful side in a meal later in the week.

On our first night as grill owners, we chose steak and baked potatoes. Steve brought out two small potatoes as our bakers and my first reaction was “not enough”. They in fact were enough and very tasty, but my eyes are still bigger than my stomach. My inner five-year old still yells for MORE, but here are some strategies I use:

  • Acknowledge that I feel/think I want more, but the smaller portion is really sufficient and enough.
  • Give permission ahead of time to have a second helping if I’m still hungry afterwards.
  • Measure! Using measuring cups, spoons, and the scale, helps keep portion creep at bay.
  • Use smaller plates and glasses. Check out my YouTube videos on 3 ways to lose 10 pounds:

What strategies can you use to keep your eyes smaller than your stomach this week?


Organizing Ideas for reasonable portion sizes

Move your larger dinnerware up to the top shelf and keep your smaller plates, bowls and glasses within easy reach.

Keep your food scale out on the counter and easy to use.

Serve your food buffet style instead of family style.  Use measuring spoons and ladles for serving utensils.

quote if at first you don't succeed, find out why - stephen covey


There never seems enough time to do all the things you want to do and all the things you feel you need to do.  Simplifying routine tasks and one-off projects can free up time for yourself.  Making things simpler can also improve your chances of doing them and maintaining your progress.

To simplify means to make things easier, to decrease the steps involved or limit the decisions to make.

Here are some things you could simplify this week:

  • Restaurant choices:  Pick three restaurants that have on-plan food options.  When you’re asked out for lunch or dinner, you have your suggestions ready.
  • Tracking:  If you’re tracking consistently – keep going.  However, if you’ve stopped tracking consider something simpler.  Take a photo on your smartphone, jot your food choices in a small notebook, or mark it on a white board you’ve put on the refrigerator.  Don’t worry about numbers, just track choices.
  • Your expectations:  What is success?  What is good enough?  How much do you really have to do?  Is success losing those 5 (or 50) pounds?  Or is success walking up the stairs without getting out of breath?

Take a look at one of your daily routines (weight loss related or not) and identify how you could make it simpler and easier to accomplish.

What will you simplify this week?

Check It Out

If you have Weight Watchers® eTools there are videos available to help you estimate the PointsPlus Values for restaurant meals.  Here’s The Untrackables Go Out for Mexican

Huffington Post has a great slide show of 11 Oversized Restaurant Meals in their article Restaurant Portion Size:  Nearly All Entrees Exceed Nutrition Recommendations.  The article is good but scroll down to the slide show.  You may not have the restaurant in your town but it’s still a good reference.  Check out the salad.


Leave a comment and share how you are balancing, prioritizing, or multitasking. 

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portions & beliefs


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Food does not equal love.  More food does not equal more love.

I know this.  I have dealt with this issue with my mother (not effectively of course).  I have tried to remind myself and my family that food is not a way to show affection or comfort.  The other day I caught myself thinking that I should give Oji, our first dog, the larger chew toy to show him special attention and affection.  But I’ve been working for the past year to help him lose weight.  He was almost 15 pounds overweight and you know what they say about overweight dogs — their owners aren’t getting enough exercise. I then had to tell myself that giving him the smaller chew toy was actually showing affection and love.  What a totally new and alien concept for me — less is better.  This week I’m focusing on the idea that the smaller portions are an expression of love, support and encouragement for me, as well as my dogs.

 What beliefs about portions sizes might you change this week?

You can be no more than you believe you are ~Norman Vincent Peale

High Sodium, Low Potassium Diet Linked to Increased Risk of Death from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)


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