keep, let go, begin in 2016

I love the week between Christmas and New Years.  It’s a great time to dream about what I can accomplish in 2016.  But it’s also a time to look back and see what worked, what didn’t, and move forward.  I don’t set resolutions, but I do choose a motto for the new year.  I also look at what I want to KEEP, LET GO, and BEGIN in the next year.


KEEP Tracking — Okay, I did let the tracking go over the last couple of weeks, but I’m going to keep tracking my food, my treats, and my activity.


Cute parson russell terrier dog on lead on walk with his owner, isolated on white background

LET GO of excuses — There will always be more to do in re-establishing my organizing business here in Pennsylvania.  I will let go of the excuse that I’m too busy, or that I’ll just finish this or that before I go to the gym or for my walk.


illustration depicting a sign post with directional arrows containing a life choice concept. Blurred background.

BEGIN asking — Whether it’s asking how a meal is prepared or asking for additional support on my journey, this year I’m going to ask more questions and make more requests.


What will you Keep, Let Go, and Begin this week?


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move naturally

Move Naturally  — the seventh Power 9®

women in blue pants walking her dog - move naturally

Find ways to move more!

You’ll burn calories without thinking about it.




You may have heard these ideas to getting more steps in your day before, but are you doing any of them now?

  • Park further away.
  • Take a lap around the store before you start shopping.
  • Take your dog for a walk (or take your neighbors dog).
  • Take the stairs instead.
  • When unloading groceries, hauling leaves, or lugging laundry, lighten your load and take more trips.


woman planting and weeding her gardenDo you like to garden, dance, or play with the kids?  Do more of it.



Do you enjoy traveling?  Go places that are walkable.


bigstock-Children-Helping-Washing-Car-2438102Do your floors need vacuuming, your windows need cleaning, or your car need washing?  Okay, so they may not be my favorite activities, but it is a great way to multitask (cleaner space & more movement).  Get others to help you.  It will go faster and be more fun.



two dogs walking in the snowAs for me — my dogs are getting me off the computer throughout the day.  We don’t have a fenced yard yet, so I get to take them out every couple of hours.  I also think I should get credit for the time and effort it takes me to bundle up so I don’t freeze.


Find ways to stay active and move naturally.


How will you naturally move more?

Check It Out

Blue Zone Project Power 9 Infographic.jpg

Blue Zones Project is coming to Hawaii check out their Facebook page





multi colored circle of people icons
You’re not alone!

Get Your Paperwork DONE! Party  Join us on March 28 to work on taxes, complete your bookkeeping, or organize your photos.  Click on the link for details and to register if you want to get your paperwork done.

Closet Clearing Party — March 21  Click on the link for details and to register if you want to create a closet that supports and energizes you.  No need to work on your closet alone, join the party and see how much quicker it goes.

vacations & exercise, a great mix

Vacations call for new activities: walking tours, site seeing on foot, enjoying local hiking trails, swimming, walking on the beach, or participating in a local event. Time at a resort offers great opportunities to  try new exercise bigstock-Dumbbells-with-towel-isolated--42960595classes, schedule some time with a personal trainer, golf, tennis, enjoy group hikes or bike rides, and even get on some different gym equipment.  But don’t forget the relaxing part – take time for a spa treatment or relax by the pool. My 3 Point Plan for being active at conference:

  • I rearranged my half-marathon training schedule to do the longer walks on the days before the conference starts.  I’m going early to enjoy a mini-vacation filled with resort activities.
  • Take walking breaks between sessions and invite a new acquaintance to walk with me.  A great way to connect and get my steps in.
  • Take a stroll around the grounds before turning in.  It will be a great way to decompress from a busy day.


hiking trail in PA Butler county slparker
This was taken in early spring. I can’t wait to see it now.

The second part of my vacation will be the easiest to get my steps in.  There are  numerous parks with miles of trails within a 20 minute drive of Steve’s apartment & work. Here’s my 3 Point Plan for keeping my steps high:

  • Explore every park, trail, or historic site nearby.  Use ‘easiest access to the best parks’ as a way of narrowing down where we want to buy.
  • Longer hikes on the weekends.  I’ve packed my raincoat, just in case.
  • Explore downtown on foot.  We’ll be site seeing, dining, and shopping in Pittsburgh and various small towns nearby.


Besides I need to check out this trail

duck walk PA hiking trail slparker
Duck Walk in Preston Park, PA


find motivation 2, plot your path

Last week, I suggested that you might find motivation by training for an event.  If an event isn’t your cup of tea, or a certain event interests you but you can’t make it, train for the course instead.
park near Butler PA SLParker
The Marilla Trail half marathon race in Pennsylvania interests me, but since I don’t want to run it and I’m not sure I’ll be there in mid-October, I thought I might include hiking the course in our fall vacation.

For some people, the energy and excitement of an event is what gets them motivated.  I like an event because there’s a set date to cross the finish line.  Others may focus on the experience of walking a certain route or trail.

I will be using 5K events as part of my training (deadlines and finish lines) and then enjoy the experience of hiking a half-marathon trail in the fall.

What path will you take?

Check It Out

Find a trail that interests you:

  • The US National Trails System
  • New Zealand Trails (yes, it’s on my list of places to visit)

Let me know your favorite trail(s) or swims or bike paths.

This isn’t a trail or a hike, but maybe your life journey has included frustration around getting organized.  Your path may be cluttered with paper, plans, mixed-up priorities.  If so, check out my blog entitled Why can’t I get organized?, which may give you some insight to why it’s been hard for you to get organized, stay organized and be organized.

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